Bulletproof Backpack Ballistic NIJ IIIA Safety Body Armor Backpack


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This bulletproof backpack is rated to Level IIIA protection, designed to stop up to .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, 9mm, .45 hollow point ammunition, and shotgun blasts. Tested by Lab HP White, NIJ 0101.06 IIIA. IIIA rated for the most common pistol caliber threats in the world.Bullet Proof Backpack

Protection Level:

  • Protects against penetration of bullets and fragments
  • Light weight, greater comfort
  • Compatible with nearly all Plate Carriers that accept rifle plates, and some packs
  • Strategic stitching improves overall performance
  • Laminated Rips top cover with sonic welded seams for added durability and strength

The backpack is tested and qualified with Ballistic Level: NIJ Level IIIA.US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) StandardBullet Proof Standard

Backpack Features:

  • Function : Hand Carry &Backpack
  • Size : 14.9″ I x 11″ w; weight : 1.5kg/3.3lb
  • Color : Grey
  • Structure : large-capacity multi-layer pocket design, internal notebook bag, added a layer of cushions, can effectively protect the notebook.
  • Built-in USB cable, USB port on the right side of the backpack, can charge mobile phones, mobile devices, computers.
  • 10-year warranty for plate.

Package Include :

  • 1 x backpack
  • 1 x bulletproof plate (the bulletproof board has been placed in the backpack when shipped)

The bullet proof backpack could be used for personal defense, self-defense defense, travel, campus safety, outdoor safety, hiking, hunting, prevention of the danger caused by the proliferation of guns. However, the user can enhance their level of ballistic stopping power by adding contents to their backpacks such as a laptop, tablets, textbooks/books, etc.


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    Bulletproof Backpack Ballistic NIJ IIIA Safety Body Armor Backpack

    Availability: In stock